For those who like their coffee down a laneway through a carpark, in a stable.

You only get one shot at life. At Pony ExpressO you get two.

Nestled in the heart of West Perth in Mayfair St Pony ExpressO is the quintessential coffee destination. Steeped in history once you stumble across it for the first time, you will never lose your way. Serving a range of premium coffee and blends from around the world on our hand-built SLAYER espresso machine (number 20 in the world), Pony ExpressO West Perth is the ultimate Perth destination for the coffee connoisseur or for those that just love their coffee!


Stable mate

Pony ExpressO takes its names from the fact that it is located in a 1900’s built heritage listed building originally named Aston Stables. Constructed at the rear of a federation style house, Malia House. At the time, West Perth was characterised by grand homes facing major streets with service buildings such as stables to the rear of the lots. Today, Pony ExpressO remains true to its original character and the name a historical link to its former life.


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